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Nutritional Counseling

The right food and treats are important for your pet's vitality and longevity.

Why use Nutritional Counseling?


Did you know that in 2018, 60 percent of cats and 56 percent of dogs in the US were overweight or obese? Being overweight or underweight will increase your pet's chance of illnesses and can make them more susceptible to injuries.

With literally thousands of brands of food, choosing the right one can be quite the task. This is why we offer weight and nutritional counseling for your pet.  Healthy Pets Animal Hospital will discuss the various food choices that work best for your pet’s health during your pet’s wellness exams. 


If you have any questions about how to feed your pet before or after their wellness visit give us a call at 618-624-6001 or use our contact us page to send us an email which we will respond to as fast as possible.


How do I schedule an appointment?


Scheduling an appointment is easy, you can use our request an appointment online page, visit us in person, or call us at 618-624-6001.



Our team is ready to help answer any questions.


Contact us today if you have any questions on our nutritional counseling service.

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