Meet Our Support Staff

Rhonda Bodendiek
Professional Pet Stylist

Rhonda is a Certified Professional Dog Groomer now known as a Professional Pet Stylist. She has been working in the grooming field for 30 years and was professionally trained at the Florida School of Grooming in Tampa, Florida. She has experience in handling all breeds, all pet dispositions, and custom breed cuts.

Your pets are in great hands at Healthy Pets Grooming with Rhonda leading the way.

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Chris Roles
Kennel Manager

Chris works as Healthy Pets Kennel Manager, but he can also be found treating pets as a veterinary nurse. He is dedicated to ensuring your pet is handled with care utilizing his low-stress handling certification. Chris does not have any pets of his own, but has volunteered at animal shelters regularly. His favorite part of his job is meeting new animals and watching their health improve. 

Haley Robinson, CVT
Veterinary Technician

Haley graduated in May 2017 with an Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Medical Technology. She has two cats, Rusko and Luna, and one dog, Bugsy. Haley has been certified in low-stress handling, fear-free training, and advanced life support techniques. She looks forward to seeing that your pets receive the best care.

Jessica Crispi
Office Manager

Jessica, Healthy Pets Office Manager, is here to ensure your pet's visit is stress-free. She has 14 years of experience in the veterinary field and is certified in low-stress handling. Jessica feels taking care of pets is therapeutic for the soul. She shares this with patients by helping to ensure Healthy Pets is a stress-free environment for your pets as well as her own dog Leonidas.

Felicity Helton
Veterinary Nurse

Felicity loves animals which include her two cats, Sabrina and Katniss, and her two dogs, Yokota and North. When Felicity was in high school, she took veterinary assistant classes which has lead to her working towards becoming a veterinary technician. Felicity is passionate about animals and will ensure every patient is treated with gentle care.

Brittany Cole
Veterinary Nurse

Brittany has been working in the veterinary field for over 20 years. She has an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Brittany has 2 cats, Callie and Maxine, as well as one dog, Bear. She feels truly blessed to be able to work with animals and will ensure your pets feel comfortable in Healthy Pets care with her certification in low-stress handling.

Kara Moses
Veterinary Nurse

Kara is our newest team member at Healthy Pets Animal Hospital. She is enrolled in Penn Foster's Veterinary Technician Program. She has a cat named Cinder, a ferret named Loki, and a Ball Python named Hela. Kara enjoys reading and running her own Etsy shop. Kara is dedicated to helping animals and has a strong desire to keep them healthy.